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The Major Difference between Lotus Notes and Outlook

Lotus notes: IBM Lotus Notes Domino is an application server. There are many versions available these are 9.0, 8.5, 8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0 etc. Lotus Notes can integrated with increased participation capability including online meetings, voice and video conferencing, forums, discussions, blogs, Micro blogs, file sharing,and user directories.

Outlook: Outlook is available in different version of operating system which is windows XP, window 8.0, window 8.1 etc.One of the major advantages to using Outlook is its integrated tool set, yet many people aren't aware of all of Outlook's capabilities. These different features are emails, instant messaging, calendaring, task, contacts, journal, web browsing etc.
In this Article, here I am going to focus on the differences in the functionality of Lotus Notes and Outlook. Have a look and excel your knowledge in the field of IBM Notes and MS Outlook emailing app.

Comparison between Lotus Notes and Outlook
      Time Efficiency:
You can easily use multiple accounts at a time with the help of outlook, many users who can use multiple accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. For Lotus Notes user need to login every account separately to work with which is very time consuming.

IBM Notes is mainly hosted by the Domino Server and MS Outlook is one of the most widely used email accounts, being hosted by Microsoft Exchange Server.

Lotus Notes:
  1. Mail Server: Domino Server                          
  2. Mail Client: Lotus Notes    
  3. Mobility: Domino

  1. Mail Server: Exchange server
  2. Mail  Client: Outlook
  3. Mobility: Exchange 

Cost Effectiveness:
In case of cost maintenance you don’t need to pay for Outlook because this is completely free and you can install easily. Whereas if we talk about the Lotus Notes this is not free and it is very expensive and not available easily.        

Data Storage:
Outlook store its information in its data files which is accessible with PST file format while Lotus Notes stores all information into data file which is accessible with NSF file.

Platform Supported:
Exchange server can run only windows server while Lotus Notes can run on Windows server, Linux Server, Aix server, Sun Solaris Unix, I5 operating system etc.

Safety and Security:
Lotus Notes is more safe and secure as compare to Outlook because it provide the facility to password for files and folder which we can save all the information securely no one can read this. While Outlook does not provide any security we can open mails in any system and anyone can read all mails.

Some Other Differences are:
  • Lotus Notes software provide their users more than just Email interface. Achieving a variable feature list such as editing documents, presentation with custom business application such as Forums, Blogs etc.But nothing could beat because Outlook has already settled with its features and it is all time prepared email client.
  • In today business world outlook in a boom. In any industry professionalism and use in home it is very important and helpful. If you calculate the percentage of people who still use the Outlook these criteria will be 85% that is very profitable for today marketing and client who would want to use it as the email client. Microsoft Outlook product freely online available or we can say it is easy to use.
  • Outlook offers user friendly interface which is helpful to users and thus makes it easy to manage and operate. The same cannot be said for the Lotus Notes, as it has aninterface which is difficult to operate means to analysis this application it work with difficult.
  • Lotus Notes cannot be integrated with other device like Skype and but Outlook integrates easily with many devices like Blackberry mobile phones and Skype Telecommunication to provide the security.
  • Keeping email back up in Outlook easier as compared to Lotus Notes.


Outlook has many features like easy to use, User interface etc. It helps in managing the email messages, appointments, contacts, and tasks as well as making reminders and tracking activities. If you want to Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook you can prefer Export Notes Software. This software is for best conversion  which converted Lotus Notes to Outlook. In market there are various conversion tools available but this is only one who provides Safety, Security and satisfactory results. 

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