Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lotus Notes to Thunderbird migration

Many organizations want to move their user mailbox from Lotus Notes to good featured and strong environment like Thunderbird. MBOX have different kind of email clients and one of those is Thunderbird. There are many factors to responsive for solving the data from Lotus Notes to Mozilla Thunderbird migration.

Intermediate between Lotus Notes to Thunderbird:-
There is only one method by which Lotus Notes emails can be accessed in Thunderbird. EML file is accessible both Lotus Notes and Thunderbird. So if saved the file in EML format then user can access easily in Thunderbird.

There are few reasons required Lotus Notes to Thunderbird Migration:-
The process is switching from one email client to another is very difficult task and hence its proper planning required before switching. There are several aspect required to move the file from Lotus Notes to Thunderbird which have to save our mind to kept the switching.

Working of Lotus Notes to Thunderbird is explained below:-

Step 1:
Once you have to download Lotus Notes to Thunderbird Converter and install it your system. After that run the software to convert Lotus Notes to Thunderbird converter. This screenshot shows that user can choose the option of Add file, Add folder and Remove Files by clicking on browse button.

Step 2:

Once all the NSF files get converted into Lotus Notes to Thunderbird format, user can simply migrate & open account setting choose the account name and after that choose the path which wants to save the folders then click on browse button and click OK.  

Step 3:

Now copy MBOX file and paste it to the above location to preview the emails in Mozilla Thunderbird after conversion.

Step 4:

At the end open Mozilla Thunderbird application and you will find all NSF file to MBOX will be displayed in left panel as screen as mentioned in this screenshot.

About Tool: If you want to convert NSF to Thunderbird then you can do this easily by using Lotus Notes to Thunderbird Conversion Software. Basically software is built to convert Bulk Lotus notes data into MBOX Format. Even Lotus Notes data will remain same and contain all the formatting as it present in .nsf format after executing Lotus Notes NSF to Mozilla Thunderbird conversion by applying this process. This process is absolutely secure, trouble free and cost effective too. If you will face any problem then let us know, we will provide you free assistance regarding this. We are available to solve your any query regarding this application on 24*7 hours.

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