Monday, 23 May 2016

An Insanely way to transfer into NSF to Spicebird

Think you are MBOX user and you need to transfer your all Lotus Notes data to Spicebird. How will you do that? When we talk about Lotus Notes it is an email client application and we can say it will support multiple application at a time. Basically Lotus Notes is like a bundle of applications.
Spice bird personal information manager is based on Mozilla Thunderbird which code developed by Indian company called Synovel. It could also be used for personal or office use to access email, calenders, task manager etc. The integrated instant messaging can connect GTalk, Yahoo, AIM, XMPP etc.

Why you need to transfer into NSF to Spicebird:

As MBOX file format is used by many email clients like; AppleMail, PocoMail, Netscape, Thunderbird, etc. There is a need to convert it to Lotus Notes if the users prefer to use their personal mailbox data on Lotus Notes. This scenario generally occurs when an employee or user undergoes an organizational switch as every firm uses different email clients as per their policy.

How to Transfer NSF to Spicebird:

To View Lotus Notes database in Spicebird user have the option to convert Lotus Notes to Spicebird Format. So you have to Transfer Lotus NSF to Spicebird download and get the activation key then install it on your system.

As you finished the conversion then you need to import all your MBOX files in Spicebird. Then you have to open the file and then go to the open saved message.

Now the window screen will be pop up and then click the browse button to find the location of MBOX file. Then choose the file to be viewed in Spicebird.

Now you can easily analyze and view the MBOX file in Spicebird.

About Tool:

For Lotus Notes to Spicemail conversion you should use a suitable third party tool that can transfer their emails from Lotus Notes to SpiceMail. Here you need some appropriate NSF to MBOX converters that to convert Lotus Notes to MBOX  you can follow a tool called Lotus Notes to MBOX Conversion Software, which safe and secure for all the data after conversion or during the conversion from email NSF to MBOX format. This Conversion Software performs safe and creates a mailbox for each individual NSF email. Lotus Notes to MBOX Conversion software is available on the professional website freely demo version so any user can operate it.

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