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Best Tool for Lotus Notes to Word Conversion to Convert NSF to Word document

Some times people have a question around their mind that can we convert Lotus Notes documents to Microsoft word? So this is the simple question and I have a solution for this question because in many days ago I did face the same kind of problem. So I searched the problem then I found the solution for Lotus Notes to Word Conversion.

IBM Lotus Notes is an Email Client that is used by the professional or business user for IT Communication. But according to the need user choose Word documents for the Conversion because this have better emailing and simple features. Lotus Notes of many drawbacks that’s why it is not simple use for emailing. But if you talk about Lotus Notes it will do to use by many users. So therefore in this section we have discussed about how to Convert Lotus Notes and why or where to convert Lotus Notes to Word.

Why Need to Convert Lotus Notes to Microsoft Word: 

There are plenty of reasons to convert Lotus Notes to Microsoft Word
Migrating Lotus Notes to word is very important because of Lotus Notes is use for email application but if any person required his mails in word document than what he will do so that’s why Lotus Notes to Word Conversion is required for conversion Emails or any other things.

To Maintain records in Notes applications Like MS Word and to save files or data into DOC, DOCX so that’s why user want to convert. As data and test requires as saves to one time test and users are doing attention for multiple things. 

It will do scan all the documents when installing NSF files or folders. This feature is required in Lotus Notes to Word conversion. This will keep the data or file save in folder.

Lotus Notes to Word conversion is mainly do in business organizations to save the Documents into DOC or DOCX Format.

Benefits of Lotus Notes to Word Conversion:

  • Once NSF emails are converting in word document it can easily accessed in word like any processed program like Notepad

  • Lotus Notes to Word Conversion Software have the advanced features of printing and publishing any information and saved in DOC format.

  • Maintenance of Word as compare to Lotus Notes is quite affordable for users so the cost is very effective and it is easy to use.  

After Analyzing the benefits of Notes to Word file Documents. Next Step is to Converting Database from Lotus Notes to Word file. 

How to Convert Lotus Notes to Word File:

Conversion Steps:

Step 1: 

With the use of third party tool User can Easily Convert Lotus Notes to Word document.

First you have to install the Lotus Notes to Word Converter tool after installation download this tool then go to Start Menu and click on all program.

Click on browse button to for all the NSF files on the software that are proceed to migration.

After that select the NSF file and choose the location where you want to Save this file and Click on Open Button.

 Step 4:
Then Click on Start Scan button first you have to scan all the documents then proceed further step.

Step 5:
If your scan is complete then click on click the browse button to browse the document or any file also choose the location where you want to save the NSF file.

Step 6: 

In this further screen you can see the pop up box which gives you to scan completion message so scan is complete now then click OK. 

Step 7: 

when you done the al of option then a window will open in this you can see inbox, sent items, draft, folders, trash etc. you can choose any one of these which you want. Now you have to start the Conversion of Lotus Notes to NSF file. Click on Start Conversion Button for further process.

Step 8:
Select the file location where you want to save the file then click OK button.

Step 9:
A box will open to ask the confirmation of conversion to Export the emails then you should click on Export Emails to Word Document.

Step 10:
You have to show the message and all the status of migration will be shown in window. 

Step 11:

At the end a box is pop up then you can see the location of items where documents are saved. Click on OK Button to exit from the software.

About Tool:

With the Use of Lotus Notes to Word Conversion Software you can convert any Documents, files into DOC, DOCX format. This software is easy to use so you can say anyone like a non technical person can use easily. Lotus Notes to Word Conversion its free demo version available if you satisfied with this trail version then you can buy the full version with it's license.  


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