Monday, 13 June 2016

The Best Way to Convert Lotus Notes database to PDF

Think you are working as a Lotus Notes administrator and suddenly you need to convert your Lotus Notes database to PDF format. Then what will you do? How to convert Lotus Notes to PDF ?
Just deploy the tool and start the safe Lotus Notes to PDF conversion process, here the steps to simplify the process of migration are listed below: 

What is the reason behind Export Lotus Notes Email to PDF:

When a user is moving from IBM Organisation to another and he/she wants to Convert Lotus Notes Email to PDF format for the future usage. But Lotus Notes doesn’t provide any way to save emails in .pdf format, so users have to take help of a third party utility which will help him/her to convert emails from Lotus Notes to PDF. 

Maintenance of same security level: 

Users following Lotus Notes want same security level after NSF to PDF conversion that is why Lotus Notes users prefer to Lotus Notes export to PDF instead of performing conversion into any other file format

Easy Approachability Anywhere:

PDF files are accessible without any platform dependency; users can access these files at any computer running with any Windows OS. 

Conversion Challenges:

Both the application Lotus Notes and PDF supported different file format for storing their respective data items. Lotus Notes access .nsf file while PDF access .pdf file format. Lotus Notes can not directly access the Lotus Notes file in PDF format.

  • Is the software suited in my budget plan and also properties that I am looking for
  • Will third party tool covers all the items without any data loss
  • File format of both the application are different so can’t be open easily

Working of how to Convert Lotus Notes to PDF 

Step 1:

First you have to install the Lotus Notes to PDF conversion software after that run this tool.

Step 2:

After that you have to click browse button and select the NSF file.

Step 3:

When you click the browse button a window will open then choose the NSF file and open it.

Step 4:

When you select the NSF file then click the start scan button and continue to this processing.

Step 5:

Now a window will open to start scan button then all the files continue to scanning. If scanning is complete the box will pop up and give the message for successfully scanning. After its completion click OK button.

Step 6:

Now click the email preview button to show all the emails selecting one of this and then click start conversion for conversion continue.

Step 7:

After that select the path which you want to locate files after that then save them and click on OK.

Step 8:

Now you can see conversion report then click to export emails to PDF.

Step 9:

At the end you have received the message box of Conversion Successfully! And show the exact location of converted output which the file saves then click OK. 

About tool:

A professional tool name Lotus Notes to PDF Conversion is also present which performs the same process with high accuracy and safety. Allows bulk conversion of Lotus Notes data and keep intact all the attachments during conversion process. 

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